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Passive RFID – ideal logistics - for mass objects and open loop

In the passive RFID technology, the reading device (reader) acting as a transmitting and receiving unit, by generating an electromagnetic field. The radiated energy must be times greater than the energy available for the response operation about 1,000. This need passive transponder by far the highest energy reading field. Since the energy of the electromagnetic field of environmental and health reasons by regulatory limits, resulting in a max. Reading distances between UHF tag and reader. The Solconia offers with stand today passive RFID systems that have a max. Reading distance of about 16m (in line with large and powerful reader and tag antennas provided).

While our systems 13.56MHz dominate application areas card applications (access control, ticketing and payment cards) as well as the medical and laboratory equipment in the RF range, we put in the events sector, trade and logistics primarily on the UHF range 860-960 MHz. Range, reading speed, bulk capability and component prices speak for this frequency range. Even metal applications and liquid level applications that were previously reserved for the LF range with 125 kHz, are now feasible with corresponding hard tags and RFID label versions also in the UHF range.

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To solve your Auto-ID functions


  • we combine RFID technologies, for example, Active RFID with passive RFID within our truck locating or radio scanner location
  • we use the frequency ranges passive HF and UHF passive in so-called. Combi-Cards for access control and payment systems
  • We manufacture custom electronic tags (song. Label) with positioning function and RFID tags and labels for the metal and engineering industry
  • We provide application-specific RFID antennas and readers integrations for e-Kanban, inventory and Assettmanagement
Passive RFID 5. February 2016