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active RFID - Auto-ID and location without borders

The big difference between active RFID and passive RFID is that the active transponders have their own power supply, which allows them to communicate with the associated access points at least 4-5 times greater distances with low energy consumption, as the passive transponders is possible.

In addition to the principal object of the object ID, the active RFID of Solconia are also ideal for indoor tracking and locating. In conjunction with integrated sensor technology (for example, for position, acceleration, pressure, temperature, light, charge level u.v.a.m.), additional information about the tagged object can be transmitted as the payload of the access point back.

The active RFID technologies Solconia (WLAN, Bluetooth Low Energy, chirp, ZigBee, UWB RTLS) Own ISM frequency band with center frequencies 2.45 GHz and 5 GHz, and thus allow the desired or necessary for precisely locating high bandwidth, data transfer rates and encryption capabilities.

At a glance

The access points are the associated infrastructure for active transponder. Their number, spatial arrangement and communication link directed:

  • according to the selected technology
  • the space available
  • existing or desired IT infrastructure
  • indoor or outdoor use
active RFID 5. February 2016