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Solconia GmbH: Products and solutions around RFID, tracking and eLabel technologies


Increasingly, companies need transparent and above all real-time-controlled information about jobs, processes and goods. These must be automatically generated faster, error-free and cost-effective than in the past in terms of industry 4.0. More and more industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry and its suppliers, the food industry, waste management, animal identification, and the areas of asset management and maintenance have recognized the benefits of RFID technology for some time and use this on your way to industry 4.0.

Meanwhile, there are many companies that offer individual RFID products and RFID technologies offer, but only to those products RFID frequencies specialize. Ultimately, however, is missing customized, adapted to the situation walkthroughs, consisting of RFID hardware and RFID software, to an interested party can access. It always requires a prior analysis of needs in order to offer each right technology or combination of technologies, as well as the right products at the best price.

Our components for auto ID, RFID and tracking solutions.

The Solconia GmbH sees itself as a partner and consultant for companies who want a hassle of searching and time-consuming analysis of RFID technology and products to avoid. The Solconia GmbH has carried out these tests and analyzes in advance in its competence centers, so that we can offer the optimum for you RFID products and solutions.

The usual course of business is such that to a customer inquiry or customer demand case back initially by telephone certain boundary conditions are queried to the project (number and type of objects, surface area, maps, workflows, tracking accuracy, interfaces to other systems, available budget, etc. ). Based on these data, a solution concept is drawn up and submitted a budget deal. If this offer basically ok. is, there is a demonstration or a system test on site with Proof of Concept (POC). If this date has been successful, a final offer is made.

After commissioning the purchase of components, their packaging and the in-house commissioning takes place. After the installation and system start-up takes place at the customer site. The conclusion of the project are training and documentation, also at the customer site. Subsequent transactions to the project include i.d.R. Supply of spare parts and system updates (at the customer site, or remotely).


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