Zones Locating

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Zones Locating – cost effective and appropriate for many localization tasks

When localizing containers, carriers, people and tools to different zones locating and comprehensive localization (exact localization).
As individual zones halls or buildings can be defined at the depot or factory premises, but also individual areas or rooms in the halls or buildings themselves. In the rooms or halls turn individual production areas, storage and staging areas can be explained.

Each defined zone must then i.d.R. be equipped with the appropriate detection infrastructure (antennas, readers, access points or locating transponder). That is, in the case of zone locating the location accuracy defines approximately the density of locating infrastructure (Reader Points). A good example is for our truck tracking via ground transponders. The denser the ground transponder are arranged, the higher the positioning accuracy of such cars.


However, Solconia GmbH also has technologies that are the same as defined several zones with an antenna or with an access point, can be detected and monitored. In addition, our cascadable antennas provide low-cost detection of multiple zones with only one reader or Access Point.

Zones Locating 5. February 2016