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Vehicle tracking

Vehicle Tracking - a key success factor for your productivity

Whether forklifts, pallet trucks, order pickers, Tugmaster (shunter) or tractors, all vehicles can be fitted quickly and inexpensively with the Auto-ID and tracking systems of Solconia. In order to your vehicles not only locate and investigate on their efficient use out but also to develop them into intelligent control consoles for your production and logistics. Navigation, theft protection and collision avoidance move off almost to minor matters.

We offer our vehicle tracking at both the outdoor, as well as for indoor navigation. For solving of outdoor positioning tasks drawn mainly on GNSS-based systems (implemented in GPS boxes or on-board computers).

Our Local Positioning System (RTLS) is primarily used for indoor location and navigation of vehicles. For outdoor positioning tasks is it relevant if a highly accurate positioning is required to depots in shadowed areas (ports, airports, Bushöfen etc.). A tracking and data transmission via WLAN, Bluetooth and / or wireless is also possible; However, then the accuracy of the positioning technologies significantly lower compared to UWB RTLS.

The positioning on the ground transponder provides etc. scalable and cost effective solution for precisely positioning of stackers Trucks in particular is indoor area. They can be combined with a zone detection, so that the entire depot management can be covered for any vehicles with RFID.

For the storage and evaluation of the position data, there are several alternatives, ranging from an SQL database with an interface to third-party software, our warehouse management systems and stacker control systems to the use of a web-based front-end system with real-time connection to your ERP or depot management system.

It is very advantageous that our tracking systems can incorporate security-related tasks at the same time. So wearing as our Sense & Protect system in preventing theft and collision avoidance between trucks and cranes.

Define your localization zones, objects and
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