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Tool Tracking

Not looking for tools, tool or workpiece carriers and devices but find

In many areas of the metal and electrical industry, but also in particular in the semiconductor industry qualified staff are essential and it is the best use of their labor force. Selecting the right tool, the right device or wafer carrier and its correct use at the intended place belong. This increases productivity; Rework costs and scrap rates are reduced to a minimum.

For stationary production lines can create virtual workstations with Auto-ID and tracking based on RFID in mobile manufacturing stations virtual zones are defined, which move with the product. Thus tools or carriers can operate only in the respectively provided position. Use logs are created automatically. Error Pregnant manual identification and proofs are superfluous.

Who etc. ever to much-needed tools, mounting devices at work had to look for who knows: This takes time and nerves. If the candidate search area then also has several football field large halls, the search for work equipment, the staff begging for mercy.

Depending on the requirements and on-site situation on the concrete application scenario selects Solconia from different detection techniques. Each object to be identified is provided with a passive or active radio transponder. In addition, the installation of RFID Access Points at the relevant positions in the halls or in the outdoor area takes place. The detected radio signals from transponders are routed through this via LAN or WLAN to the provided for tool positioning server.

By means of an intuitive web clients can identify eligible employees from any Internet-enabled PC workstation from the current locations and states of the tools and devices. If a tool or tool carrier wanted, this can be visualized by entering in a search immediately with its current position on a map of the factory site. Even objects that are not in the moment of search in a lobby of an RFID access points are located, since the front end software saves the last received position of all objects.

With our optional cloud-computing model, you get a powerful platform for tool detection without the need for high investment costs for you are necessary. You only pay for the use; Installation, administration and maintenance, we take care of.

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