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RFID labels combine the advantages of plain text, barcode and RFID

From time immemorial be used numbers, letters and symbols to identify goods and goods carriers (packaging, transport and multipath container). The advantage is that educated people can be recognized immediately from the labeling resulting information on site without aids and process. The information content is limited and the reading takes time and reliability.

The labels printed barcodes or even better matrix codes (QR, Datamatrix, Maxi, etc.), in combination with the corresponding scanners the fast and reliable reading of larger and cryptic data volumes, even over long distances (Long Range Scanner). Furthermore, these codes can be applied to the goods themselves, their packaging or carrier easily and very inexpensively.

RFID labels combine the advantages of plain text, bar code or matrix codes and RFID. Since electromagnetic waves penetrate non-conductive materials, the transponder chip and antenna can be protected behind adhesive and protective film or before the so-called. “Spacers” are attached (for metal applications) or even integrated into the packaging or the product itself.


  • Manual Reading plain text and icons on site without aids possible
  • Reliable read large amounts of data through bar code, matrix code and scanner
  • Read covert or not located within view labels on RFID
  • High reliability even under extreme environmental conditions
  • Bulk detection with high time savings on the Electronic Product Code (EPC)
  • Fast and automatic inventory control and theft protection
  • Locating over passive RFID chips
  • Multiple writable memory area for variable product data
  • Multiple writable memory area for variable product data

At a glance

  • Vehicle identification and toll collection
  • Personal identification and access control
  • Proof of authenticity of medicines and luxury products
  • Identification of PCBs and electronic devices
  • Textile and clothing industry, as well as accessories and jewelry (Jewelry Tags)
  • Asset and inventory management in logistics, in libraries and archives as well as in retail
  • Positioning in the industry or in the hospital logistics
RFID Tags 5. February 2016