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Personnel tracking

Personnel Tracking for improving safety at work, for locating people with dementia, security personnel or sports events

When people locating in buildings or on open spaces in every first thinks of illegal persons (monitoring by responsible persons against their will and knowledge).
In some professions or in sport or in the elderly localization and monitoring of persons incl. The detection of movement and vital data by an appropriate sensor is perfectly lawful, and for such people the best life insurance. This is the case for lone worker in the forest or in server rooms, u.ä in chemical and power plants, mines or on oil rigs, in museums, airports, railway stations ..
Even when people with dementia or for security personnel at their nightly patrols in large building complexes a personal tracking is often desired and safety related. Only when the position of vulnerable persons concerned is known in case of an emergency, can be done quickly and efficiently help.

For the outdoor location of people is part Solconia i.d.R. on cost GNSS-based systems accessed (GPS tracking boxes, smart phones with GPS or mobile RFID boxes with mobile). Combined with our indoor positioning systems people can also be localized or localized gaps.

For the indoor person tracking provides Solconia both active (UWB, WLAN, Bluetooth) and passive RFID technology (UHF) on. The selection of the optimal technology (also in combination) depends on the local conditions (area size and nature incl. Internals and existing communications, IT and electrical infrastructure), the desired location accuracy (exact positioning or zone detection) and also the number and frequency (update rate) of the locating persons.

Alarms or position requests for the monitored person are transmitted via cellular, WLAN or the positioning system itself to the server in the control center. The projection of the locating data on special maps or directly into the building plans allows that aid can quickly and directly reach the site.


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