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Durable, inexpensive and locatable, the ideal RFID tag for moderation objects

A passive transponder consists of a chip with a simple processor, an antenna and a permanent memory. These tags, in contrast to active transponders not have its own power supply, but derive their operating power from the radio waves, which are emitted by the associated RFID reader.

There transponder with read-only memories (read-only) as well as transponder with read-write memory (read-write). The latter have an EEPROM that can be written to 100,000 times. The read-write transponders can be regarded due to its independence from external systems (databases) as an independent organization means. Read-only systems are against organization aids and with access to a computer system used.

Passive RFID systems used for the transmission of the low frequency range (LF, 125 kHz), high frequency (HF 13.56 MHz megahertz) or Ultra High Frequency (UHF 860 to 960 MHz). Which frequency range is always the appropriate depends on the type of application since the different frequencies have different characteristics – in particular in terms of reading distance and speed. Both increases, the higher the frequency.

Passive transponders are offered with different RFID chips, antennas and “packaging” and versions for different applications. Since the application area incl. The transponder mounting significantly influenced the performance of the transponder, it is advisable in any case, prior to the procurement of RFID system components appropriate laboratory or make on-site tests with original objects and the proposed solution in a Proof of Concept (POC) to confirm.

Types of passive transponders

  • Hard Tags
  • pallet transponder
  • Nail transponder
  • tube transponders
  • Blister transponder
  • ground transponder
  • On-metal transponder
  • On-metal transponder
  • Refractory transponder
  • key transponder
  • ATEX Transponder
  • Flexible transponder
  • Tight transponder
  • Laundry transponder
  • Textile transponder
  • Screw transponder
  • disc transponder
  • Cable ties transponder
  • Long-range transponder
  • Tool-Transponder
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