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Outdoor locating with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) & Co.

Modern smartphones use when determining locations already not only the combination of GPS and the Russian Glonass counterpart, but also the radio cells of the mobile network and the identification of site-known WLAN networks. Inside buildings, but does the GPS positioning is not because this sight to the satellites is necessary. If the mobile device still displays the location halfway correctly, the problem is at the location of known Wi-Fi networks or multilateration mobile masts from the lobby. One then speaks of Assisted GPS (A-GPS).

Particularly in vehicle tracking systems also come inertia based systems added, from a defined point record which direction and speed of the instantaneous movement away and predict. This contributes to further improve the outdoor positioning.


By combining our different positioning technologies for localization and navigation (A-GPS, UWB RTLS and inertial sensors) Solconia determined seamlessly and much more in real time with high precision the positions of vehicles such as forklifts, reach stackers, tractors, Tugmastern or Shuntern. Our solutions enable so the tracking and navigation both in the open area, as well as inside buildings and warehouses.


In addition to the vehicle location and other mobile assets such as valuable container, swap bodies or devices can be located and are easily located and managed in the host IT systems (ERP, MES, WMS, LVS, SLS etc.).

Outdoor Tracking 5. February 2016