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Nationwide precisely locating - the supreme discipline in the localization and navigation

There are now a number of companies that offer tracking and navigation systems for people and vehicles. Often these as a real-time locating systems (RTLS) are referred to. Real-Time is somewhat misleading because the systems a certain latency is always inherent, since here also update rates, transmission and processing times and filter algorithms have a decisive influence.


If indoor or outdoor vehicles, scanners, persons or goods carriers should be located or localized gaps and with an accuracy in the meter range, and better in the great hall or other large open spaces, the use of our UWB RTLS recommends. This latest technology is based on a highly accurate radio propagation time measurement with Picosekundengenauigkeit in ultra wideband frequency range (UWB). This type of measurement is not to be confused with the RSSI (field strength) measurement, as is employed in the WLAN positioning or Bluetooth and mobile. Since the field strength much stronger by the ambient conditions (in particular metallic) is affected, the positioning result using the radio propagation time measurement is significantly better than in positioning technologies, based on the field strength measurement.


When UWB RTLS to be localized objects (eLabel, people, truck or radio scanner,) be equipped with active transponders. These transponders transmit either permanently or only on request (to power savings) their identification. These radio signals take depending on distance to a different maturities on the associated access point and transmitted by them to the locator server. There the highly accurate position calculation. The transmitted signals may include payload of sensors which are integrated in the optional active transponders.

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Just Locating 5. February 2016