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Unloved inventories? Where it too easy going ...

The inventory, management and tracking of different objects is often associated with a high time and effort. Mindless execution of inventories is also demotivating, error-prone and commonly found even in the Christmas time business.

Are to be inventoried and monitored objects, such. As file documents, hospital beds, special tools, measuring instruments or Handling even when on the move and for inventory timing could not be found, can be expected normally with complex and costly search processes.

Modern passive or active RFID technologies enable with its large detection range and Pulklesungsfunktionalität a super-fast and above all accurate detection of your inventory. They also support the trend toward automatic permanent inventory. Zone detection, Reader Gates of goals and also mobile, intelligent truck, swap bodies or vehicles, all these devices make it possible to save valuable time and money. The only prerequisite is that the objects to be inventoried shall be provided with appropriate electronic labels, RFID tags, or passive or active transponders.

Inventory 5. February 2016