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Software, tools and equipment - Experience Industry 4.0

Solconia offers following tools and equipment to related to our application solutions for electronic labels, RFID, location and industry 4.0:


  • Kanban systems with RFID for automatic replenishment management
  • Forklift and vehicle terminals for RFID and tracking solutions
  • Tablets and smartphones for the job and people tracking
  • Handhelds for bar code and RFID scanning incl. Location function
  • Restraint systems for labels, terminal PC and tablets
  • Mobile EDP workstations for RFID scanning, logistics and quality assurance


The associated software to more efficient use of your company’s resources and the internal and cross-company networking within the meaning industry 4.0 we offer. In order to avoid information and communication gaps.


The simple connection to your ERP system has the following advantages


  • automatic tracking (order, containers, materials, tools)
  • shorter lead time in production
  • lower inventory costs and increased process reliability
  • more productivity, flexibility and efficiency of your production
  • more automated processes
  • Cost manufacturing, and higher quality
  • reduced manual and administrative costs
Equipment 5. February 2016