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Maximum availability without search times and expensive safety reserves, Charge carrier & container management with RFID and eLabel makes it possible

Carrier and Containers are critical for the production itself, but also for the logistics, there is a lack of pallets, box pallets, small parts-load carriers (KLT), etc. may lead to delays or even stoppages. To ensure optimum availability of carriers and containers are often safety reserves for this u.U. kept quite expensive equipment and thus unnecessarily tied capital.

Our solutions for charge carrier and container management give transparency on the number, inventory, location and status of your assets. We identify the carriers and container with our electronic labels (eLabels) and / or RFID tags, even in harsh and metallic environments unequivocally and locate these indoor and outdoor, zone- or meter accuracy with our various tracking technologies on your sprawling company premises or in production halls , warehouses or supermarkets.

All current and historical data to your objects, whether they are recorded on scanners, RFID gates, forklifts or RFID access points are stored in our database-driven log 2.0 system. To access it, simply via a web browser. Your external service partners and service providers have access to it.

The system can be easily integrated into your IT environment and connect with your ERP or warehouse management system.

To secure the availability of your carrier and reduce container loss.

Carriers and Container 5. February 2016