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Stands with choosing the right antenna and drops your RFID solution

Depending on the application (for example RFID gate, RFID Kanban, RFID shelf or RFID forklift) we select the matching antennas. Solconia are antennas in various sizes, types and designs available. Our antennas have in interaction with our readers and APs outstanding transmit and receive performance. Extensive mounting and Integration Kits allow virtually anywhere optimum positioning and alignment.

In addition to selecting the right aperture angle and et al resulting antenna gain (by increasing the radiation density) is the selection of antenna polarization decisive for the success. A distinction is made between linear and circular polarization.

At a glance

Linear antennas

Linear antennas have the advantage of large capacity with small dimensions. However they are only suitable for applications where the orientation of the RFID tag in the room or to the antenna is known.


Circular polarized antennas

Circular polarized antennas have the advantage that RFID tags can be reliably detected even with indefinite orientation in space. This type of antenna is i.d.R. larger and more expensive than linear antennas and also not quite the reach; are nevertheless mainly used in RFID technology (because of the flexibility).

Besides the usual standard RFID antennas Solconia offers a range of specialized antennas. Thus, with our Thunderstorm antenna as RFID-tagged garments with very high reliability can be reliably identified even within wash containers or equipment boxes.

With technically elaborate RFID gateways which (include VAT. Reader) a number of antenna arrays is the Solconia recently even possible electronic labels (eLabel) passive RFID tags and RFID labels in supermarkets, textile shops sectoral exactly industrial halls or at fairs or even zone- or space to locate exactly.

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