Choosing the right RFID and tracking technology is solution-oriented and not technology-driven


Industry 4.0 – solutions to optimize cross-linkable technologies

Search industrial companies – especially in the context of Industry 4.0 – after optimization and solutions that can be networked and flexibly adaptable. Our approach to technology selection is therefore always a solution and not technology-driven. Solconia is in the fortunate position of not only a single RFID and location technology to have, but can draw from an entire technology pool and each RFID technologies and each other combine. Often it is only created so that the needs-optimal and cost-effective solution.

Indoor Positioning

Access control, localization,
work safety

Outdoor Tracking

Direct Auto-ID and object detection without infrastructure

Zones Locating

Order / throughput optimization
without Search

Passive RFID

Passive transponders – durable, inexpensive and locatable, ideal for mass objects

Just Locating

Combination of RFID and Radiolocation

Active RFID

Active transponder – the original form of
transponder technology

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