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Industry 4.0 - Electronic labels (label) instead of paper

With the help of wireless data transmission (electronic tags) to bring the product, status and job data to storage bins, carriers and containers, as well as your work accompanying map (so-called. Running maps) in no time to the current level. The creation, the pressure and the replacement of paper labels are completely eliminated.


  • Secure Data Transfer
    • The encrypted and fast wireless connection with long-range outside the normal, busy wireless frequency bands ensures secure data transmission between the gateway and electronic tags. Your label wireless network is protected against access by third parties.
  • Immediate display of all information and changes
    • State changes, prioritization or promotions can be ad-hoc and quasi ready “push-button” on the electronic labels. The most relevant information can thereby be highlighted by different colors and / or graphic illustrations. The presentation of bar- code and / or matrix codes (QR, Datamatrix, Maxi) are possible.
  • Central order management and monitoring
    • The electronic labels themselves and their presentation content can be monitored and controlled from the central server. Authorized clients get access to the relevant defined exclusively for them information. Thus, at any time to keep the overview of your tagged objects.
  • Inventory and site monitoring
    • The high-resolution, fully graphical displays can depict scannable barcode and / or matrix codes, which e.g. can be used for inventory control and external service. In addition, the electronic labels with 3 different positioning technologies can be added that allow you in real-time zone- your tagged objects or to locate precisely meter and over again aufzuspielen and display site-specific display content.
  • Future-proof solution
    • With the electronic labels are prepared for the future. The system can be expanded by additional functions and in your existing software systems (ERP, MES, WMS, etc.) can be easily integrated. The optional technologies allow you, with mobile devices (scanners, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to retrieve additional information as needed for each object locally.
  • Extensive accessories
    • The electronic labels of Solconia can almost attached with the optional bracket systems everywhere and be applied to any identifiable and to be located asset. The extensive existing product range offers a variety of adapters, holders, supporters u.v.a.m ..
  • High energy efficiency
    • The eLabels are equipped with the new e-ink technology. Electricity is only consumed by the display when an update is performed for the shown contents (texts, logos or graphics). The power consumption of the electronic tags is therefore so low that their batteries in practice i.d.R. have a life of several years.
Electronic Labels (eLabel) 5. February 2016