Electronic shelf labels

in: Tidings

Electronic self label, or also known as ESL, are electronic tags that are attached to shelves in the warehouse or in production. Commonly to use them instead of printed shelf labels, when the contents of the shelves frequently changes. With the electronic labels, these changes can be substantially faster and also carried out more cost-effectively than by the pressure of always new paper labels.


The electronic shelf labels can always be recognized and amended by handheld scanners. Each electronic label has a barcode which can be scanned by the hand-held scanner. About wireless hand scanner to the production or storage server is connected, from which it receives the new data for each label. These are then placed in the display to show.


The electronic labels but also directly connected to the corporate server and directly from there, that without scanning, be geupdetet via radio. Our frequency ranges are chosen so that it can form no interference with the WiFi or Blutooth frequencies. For the ESL we use bistable e-paper program or e-ink displays that an extremely long operating time (several years) guarantee the eLabel.

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Electronic shelf labels 4. May 2016